Tax Relief Companies

So you have seen the commercials on TV?  When calling one of the numerous companies staffed by sales people you are essentially putting yourself in a position of paying a premium fee of $5,000 and up for what may very well be a lie.

If a sales person says you are a sure thing for an Offer in Compromise or a settlement and proceeds to quote a very high fee -- that is a BAD sign which more often than not does not result in the promised outcome.

Why not pay a reasonable fee to have your case done honestly, represented by a tax professional you can meet face to face who cares about your situation.

Getting a Refund from Tax Relief Companies

Have you already been ripped off?  Does the tax relief company you hired not answer your calls anymore?  Is your case apparently closed and additional fees are required to re-open?  Or are you now talking to your fifth, sixth or seventh representative on your case?. The list goes on.

Is there any chance of getting your money back?

When a potential client calls me and has had a bad experience with a previous tax relief company, here is the advice I provide regarding getting a refund:

  • Find out who authorized the Power of Attorney (Form 2848) to. This is absolutely essential. You need to identify what LICENSED TAX PROFESSIONAL you hired. Licensed tax professionals have an ethical standard to uphold.
  • Write a refund request letter and be sure to identify the licensed tax professional as one of the CC's.
  • In your refund request letter, be sure to indicate that you will be reporting the TAX PROFESSIONAL to the Office of Professional Responsibility at the Internal Revenue Service if you don't get your money back.  You can also indicate you will go to the BBB and the Attorney General of the state the company is based in.
  • Establish a deadline in which you plan to hear back from them. Mention that if you don't hear back from them - you will report their professional(s) to the authorities.
  • Be sure to send a letter and a copy of the letter to each tax professional on the 2848 form.

Your goal is to get the licensed tax professional’s attention and have them walk into the manager's office and tell the manager to refund your money as they do not want to loose their license.

We can assist you with requesting a refund.