Why Representation?

At Lawrence Tax Service, we understand taxes and that tax problems can happen to good people. Our experts will work diligently to solve your tax problems quickly and affordably giving you the peace of mind that your situation is being taken care of the right way.

Professional Tax Representation is a very powerful tool you can use to "even the odds" when you need help with the IRS or State agencies. As you may have experienced, IRS and FTB agents can be very intimidating, even bullying, when they are making demands. They tend to be less forceful and more reasonable when they have to work with a Professional Representative.

A good tax professional knows the in's and out's, the right questions to ask you and how to properly present your case for the most favorable results. If you have a large or overdue tax bill or need help dealing with the collection branch of the IRS and/or FTB, Lawrence Tax Service can offer the best tax help available. You, as a taxpayer, probably do not know all the possibilities that are applicable to your situation.  Unfortunately, the agent contacting you does, and will only reveal the information they want you to know, not the portion that would be helpful to you. The agent's job, after all, is to collect money from you, not be your friend!  Even a friendly agent is still a Collection Agent, hired to collect as much as possible.

You need a Professional Representative in YOUR corner.  At Lawrence Tax Service, our professionals deal with the IRS and FTB every day, and can present your case on its own terms, with full knowledge of all the rules and regulations.