About Us

Quality Professional Work with

Caring Personal Service

Lawrence Tax Service started as a family tax practice in 1973. The bedrock value of our business was and remains high quality professional work conducted with caring personal service at a reasonable price. My father, Greg Lawrence, earned your trust and I, Miles Lawrence, have worked hard to carry on this mission and ethic as a legacy of the Lawrence Tax Service name and reputation. The Lawrence Tax Service Mission of tax compliance must dovetail with the vision of realities encountered in the real world. Aside from basic tax preparation services which occupy the majority of the firm's time, other areas where clients often have needs are:
  • Bookkeeping (e.g. cash management and budgets)
  • Business Consulting
  • Coordination of the above client objectives through the proper selection and use of special entities such as Partnerships, C or S Corporations, Trusts, LLC’s especially when addressing the following areas: (1) risk management; (2) ownership and capital expansion; and, (3) succession planning.
Because the LTS focus is exclusively taxation, Miles’ vision for LTS has always been to work collaboratively with other professionals to achieve the goals of our clients in these related areas. All of this takes time and diligence to remain competent and maintain a commitment to cooperate with both the client and their professional team. For this reason, Miles is glad to introduce the team at LTS who will work collaboratively. We welcome our clients back for another busy tax season along with their professional advisors so we can make a coordinated effort to achieve the goals and objectives of our clients.