Appointment Info

The following is a brief review of the LTS policies with regard to setting appointments, our mail-in program, fees and billing, tax data collection sheets and/or Tax Organizer packages, and our Privacy Policy.

Appointments: A hallmark feature of LTS is the popular two-hour appointment we like to schedule with our clients to perform the due diligence needed to prepare your taxes and achieve tax compliance while catching up socially with how the year went. Similar to the last two tax seasons, we will be pre-scheduling client appointments Monday through Saturday starting at 8:30 AM with the last appointment scheduled no later than 6 PM. Many clients have already alerted us to their preferred time and date for their appointments. Others will receive an appointment similar to their prior years appointment. Should you need to change or set an appointment for this year, please call our office. We will mail you a separate letter with your prescheduled tax season appointment time, date and the tax practitioner you will be assigned to meet with this tax season. We will also call to remind you the day before your appointment.

Mail-in Program: For our personal income tax clients, the mail-in program allows you to mail, upload to LTS portal (see comments below) or drop off your individual tax data using the attached data collection sheets or tax organizer instead of setting an appointment. If you avail yourself of this program, and your mail-in data is substantially complete, we are offering a discount to our fees depending upon the date you get us the tax data: If received or post-marked by February 15, 2019, the discount is 20% and by March 1, 2019, the discount is 15%.

Data Collection Sheets and/or Tax Organizer: Our familiar tax data collection sheets can be found on our website. Please fill them in and include all the documents requested on the Things to Bring List. Some clients have requested a Tax Organizer package reflecting the prior years tax data for comparison and space to insert the current year tax data. If you would like a Tax Organizer package mailed to you please contact us ASAP. We appreciate clients who come prepared and organized for their tax appointment using these sheets.

Privacy Policy: The law prevents us from discussing your business with others without your permission. If you want us to talk or fax your info to others we require your written authorization.