Individual Tax Preparation

Lawrence Tax Service ( LTS ) includes a multi-generational team with individual tax preparation experience dating back to the 70’s and 80’s. We take pride in the art/science of tax preparation and planning, utilizing state of the art tax software and tax research resources. Our in-house personnel include enrolled agents (EA’s), CPAs and lawyers to tackle your particular tax situation. Long-term relationships are a legacy feature with our clients which are cultivated and nurtured on the cornerstones whose foundation is the personal client to professional advisor relationship which help to navigate the following:

  • Your return is subject to an ever-changing tax landscape. Individual tax preparation for the year 2018 will contend with a major re-design of Federal and State tax forms. The forms and formats we have all been accustomed to for years have been drastically altered. In addition, we now have several new forms to comply with the new tax law.
  • As usual, the state of California, as well as other states, has not conformed to the new federal changes. While California, for an example, has always required a separate return, most of its treatment of income and expenses coincided with Federal treatment. This has gone by the wayside starting in 2018.
  • There will be a huge change in the way personal (itemized) deductions such as house interest and property taxes are reported vis a vis federal vs state. The handling of dependent deductions as well as "Kiddie" tax are just two more examples. We will make sure that our clients will take advantage of the differences in the respective laws.
  • Those of you with rental, partnership, S corporation or self-employment income are eligible for a new, possibly generous deduction on your Federal Tax Return.
  • We are available year-round and many clients ask us to help them during the rest of the year, not just at tax time. We welcome participation on the part of our clients. We believe that we can provide the most effective method of collecting your income/s and expenses possible. Please see the data collection tab on our home page and view the many avenues available to you to make your life easier at tax time.