Tax Representation

At Lawrence Tax Service, we understand taxes and that tax problems can happen to anyone, including good people. If needed our experts will work diligently to solve your tax problems quickly and affordably giving you the peace of mind that your situation is being taken care of the right way.

Tax agencies have several methods of exam notification practices. They range from simple notices of tax change to correspondence audits and to full in-depth office audits. Each varies in how it should be responded to. These situations can be resolved in single meetings or extend to weeks and months of examinations up to and including Appeals Court.

Collection procedures by the agencies also vary but are clearly stated by codified law. It is extremely important to know the rules and respond within the timeframes allowed in order to resolve the issues and additional expenses.

Professional Tax Representation is a very powerful tool to "even the odds" when you need help with the IRS or State agencies. As you may have experienced, IRS and FTB agents can be very intimidating and stress generating. Their job is to collect your money, not to be your counsellor or friend. As tax professionals, we at Lawrence Tax Service will help you with:

  • Gathering pertinent information about your tax situation and advising you accordingly
  • Knowing how to properly present your case for the most favorable treatment and results
  • Work with the agencies to secure your most desirable alternative to remedy the matter
  • You need a Professional Representative in YOUR corner
  • In every case, you, the client make the ultimate decisions but we will help with analyzing the alternatives and their impacts on you