Estate, Gift & Fiduciary Tax Planning

At Lawrence Tax Service (“LTS”) we have a team of tax professionals skilled in the preparation of the following types of tax returns: Form 1041 Fiduciary Trust and Probate Estate Income tax returns; Form 706 Estate (and GST) “death” tax returns; and, Form 709 Gift tax returns. The following is important to keep in mind as you seek tax professionals who not only prepare these tax returns but also engage as strategic advisors to help coordinate the planning in these and the other areas discussed on our website:

  • Each of these returns involve unique bookkeeping/record keeping requirements related to their complex and sophisticated broader category which is why we strive to work collaboratively with your estate planning legal team and host of other financial professionals;
  • LTS is familiar with the unique tax rules and financial dynamics related to this end-of-life and family succession, education and charitable planning part of our client’s financial lives which underscores why you need trusted, experienced and competent professional tax advisors, as a member on your larger financial and legal advisory team, to help navigate this inherently complex yet highly personal end stage of life and legacy planning and execution;
  • We not only help you prepare and file the returns you might need in this complex area but also strive to coordinate our efforts so your other professional legal and financial advisors are informed and in agreement with the returns being filed and important tax elections upon which those returns are prepared;
  • Because LTS has served multi-generational families for years, and death is a reality as the estate planning for our clients is updated, please know that your tax professional team at LTS is available should you need help in this important area of your tax life.