Accounting / Bookkeeping

At Lawrence Tax Service we strive for excellence in our work which is, in essence, services to you our client. In addition to the professional knowledge needed for proper tax preparation and the skills of the professional preparing the tax returns, the most significant ingredient to quality, well prepared and accurate tax returns is the quality of the source information used in their preparation. The old phrase “Garbage In, Garbage Out” is never truer than with tax reporting. This is particularly so with business tax returns where large amounts of data are accumulated over the year, categorized and arranged for reporting and presented as financial statements.

Our deliverables are tax returns and other documents that should reflect accurate and appropriate statements about your business and personal lives. Our standards include:

  • Accurate and representative income statements, balance sheets, general journals and other accounting reports
  • Adherence to the rules and procedures of the accounting process.
  • Books that are reconcilable to their source bank statements and other input documents
  • Confidence in our outputs (forms, statements, worksheets) that result in your filed tax returns
  • Professional assistance to clients – if needed we can offer our own professional services or refer the client to outside accounting or bookkeeping professionals